How it Works

Add a site

Paste a link and our robots will start monitoring it immediately. From then on, you’ll have an online history of the page’s designs, and you’ll know as soon as the page changes.

You can choose to monitor the entire page, or select a portion of the page to monitor.

  • How many competitors can I monitor at once?

    As many as you need. There's no limit, so add as many competitors as you'd like to get their data. You select the plan with the number of pages that you need.

  • How much does it cost?

    You can get started for free, including 3 pages, 3x daily monitoring, instant updates and 1 year history. Once you decide to upgrade your plan and add more pages there are no tiers for service - each page has access to every feature.

Updates via Email

Be productive as the updates roll in

No more checking every morning. We’ll send you updates straight to your inbox as changes happen, taking the manual work out of the question. Now you’ll always know when your competitors change prices, win clients or react to your activities.

  • What data does it give me?

    You get email updates as soon as your monitored pages change, showing you exactly what has changed in a visual diff. You can view all designs from the last year in the app.

    Coming soon, you'll be able to view HTML diffs, statistics about page updates, and you'll be able to search for changes within pages.